I am an anaesthetist working in the National Health service in the United Kingdom. I work at Torbay hospital, which is in Devon. I am 52 years old (survived, hurray!) My median life expectancy is about another 39 years. I also work as an intensivist in our intensive care unit. The third place that I work is in the preoperative assessment clinic. My work in all three places – preoperative assessment, anaesthetics and intensive care – has led to my main areas of interest: long-term survival, including my own; perioperative probabilities of harm and benefit; cardiopulmonary exercise testing; evidence-based medicine including systematic reviews. My other area of interest is the detection of data fabrication and fraudulent research. I have published on these subjects in a number of papers in journals and chapters in books. I am an editor for the journal Anaesthesia. I have been involved in the cases of fraud by Fujii and his co-author Saitoh. I have been involved in detecting cases of fraud in unpublished papers submitted to Anaesthesia, as well as other journals, including EJAAIC and AAS. My work led to the retraction of the PREDIMED paper in the NEJM.